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Group Members


Dr. Montaha Anjass

 Group Leader

Scientific background

Since July 2020:             Research group leader, Ulm University and Helmholtz-Institute Ulm

Mar 2019 – Jun 2020:    Postdoc, Ulm University and Helmholtz-Institute Ulm (HIU)

Nov 2015 – March 2019:   PhD student, Ulm University

Oct 2013 – Nov 2015:        Master in Advanced Materials, Ulm University

Feb 2008 – May 2011:       Bachelor in Chemistry, Birzeit University


Sana Ullah.jpg

Dr. Sana Ullah

E-Mail: sana.ullah(at)

Electrospun Nanofibers as Materials for Light-driven Catalysis

PhD students

Rezwana's pic.jpg

Rezwana Ahmed

E-Mail:  rezwana-1.ahmed(at)

Metal oxides based electrospun fibers for energy storage


Nikhil Arya

E-Mail:  nikhil.arya(at)

POM Based Supercapacitors

Ke's selected photo.JPEG

Ke Wang


POM Based Redox-flow Batteries


Hina Ghulam Ali

E-Mail:  hina.ali(at)

Mg-S Batteries

Unkown female.PNG

Sadia Shahid (DAAD)

E-Mail: (at)

Tuning and defect engineering of MoS2-based materials for efficient hydrogen evolution

Unkown female.PNG

Gabriele Kloker ( Mercedes-Benz)

E-Mail: gabriele.kloker(at)

Development of anodes with high Si content

Unkown male.PNG

Philipp Stehle ( Mercedes-Benz)

E-Mail: philipp.stehle(at)

Improving the SEI of Si-containing anodes

Master students


Anas Moustafa

E-Mail: anas.moustafa(at)

Molecular Metal Oxides-Based Thin Film for Potassium Ion battery


Nina Kieser

E-Mail: nina.kieser(at)

POM/Polymer Hybrids for Potassium Ion Batteries

Internship students

Unkown male.PNG

Mokhtar Mahmoud

Glass microspheres in advanced 3D glass structures for H2 storage

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